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Cool comfort at the Chandelier Bar at the Cosmopolitan

Being a yearly (and sometimes more!) Las Vegas visitor, I always make it a point to spend time at the comfortable, classy and cool Chandelier Bar at the swanky and friendly Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas . In this unique bar , you are nestled among 2 million beaded crystals of opulence. I have been coming here since 2011, and it has been a cozy and classic way for me to spend some of my limited Las Vegas leisure hours, continuing into my most recent visit nearing the end of 2017. The spectacular Chandelier bar is tri level, the main casino level (this one offers bar top video poker) which is a nice touch, Level 1.5 which has a more private feel with a fresh list of creative cocktails and finally the top floor which opens out into the newly revamped open seating area that I found quirky and fun. There are restaurants surrounding the space and the new seating gives more space for takeaway treats and early morning or late night bites (i.e Secret Pizza and Eggslut ) Each level has it's own

Concerts and Cuisine in Las Vegas

In the middle of last month I spent a quick long weekend in Vegas to check out the legendary Elton John with the Million Dollar Piano show at Caesar's Palace. This was my 3rd show at the excellent Forum which somehow manages to feel intimate even when you have the lowest tier seating. Fantastic concert, very theatrical and a bucket list check item for sure. Elton John was engaging, sang beautifully and interacted with the audience warmly. Among many other highlights, if you are lucky Winter in Vegas (especially in February) offers sunny skies with crisp air that is cool but feels great compared to dreary winter in southern Ontario.  Sunny skies on the Las Vegas Strip Enjoyed trying some new places, dishes and treats during my all too short getaway, including some southwest cuisine! A bit of a splurge was finally checking out Bobby Flay's Mesa Grill at Caesar's Palace. Wonderful and convenient choice to dine at before the Elton John show. The flavor

Tropical views and relaxation

Sometimes a simple tropical photo can take you back to a place in time when the day was starting to feel easy, and the warm breeze was beckoning. This was taken on my first day at the Blau Costa Verde in Holguin, Cuba. A week of chill lifestyle, meeting a variety of really nice people offering all kinds of topics of conversations awaited. Also looking back on this picture reminds me of the anticipation of what this all inclusive trip would include. How would the food be, would it be sunny all week, would I take advantage of the time away to really relax and get away from the stresses of winter and everyday challenges at home? It is a feeling of hope, excitement and relief that you are finally there, ready to take on this wonderful experience that is temporary but so meaningful. Turned out to be a great trip, and one I will always appreciate and look back upon fondly.

Holguin Beach, City & the Cuban Countryside

Last month I escaped to charming Holguin province in Cuba, and stayed at the Blau Costa Verde Plus. The resort offered decent rooms, a variety of restaurants and bars, and a gorgeous beach. I took a wonderful day trip that included a 30 minute tourist steam train ride through the remote and unspoiled Cuban countryside, an hour long stop in bustling Holguin city, a steep ride up to the historic Hill of the Cross overlooking Holguin city, and a stop of the charming seaside village of Gibara , where a 30 minute relaxing catamaran ride with lively music rounded out the events. The drive back to the resort was tranquil and full of lovely countryside vistas. Vintage car and banana plants Scenic view of Holguin City from Hill of the Cross Colourful colonial architecture in Holguin city Charming and quaint Gibara Seaside village of Gibara in Holguin province Sunset at the Blau Costa Verde   This was a great vacation experience in the eastern re