Holguin Beach, City & the Cuban Countryside

Last month I escaped to charming Holguin province in Cuba, and stayed at the Blau Costa Verde Plus. The resort offered decent rooms, a variety of restaurants and bars, and a gorgeous beach.

I took a wonderful day trip that included a 30 minute tourist steam train ride through the remote and unspoiled Cuban countryside, an hour long stop in bustling Holguin city, a steep ride up to the historic Hill of the Cross overlooking Holguin city, and a stop of the charming seaside village of Gibara, where a 30 minute relaxing catamaran ride with lively music rounded out the events. The drive back to the resort was tranquil and full of lovely countryside vistas.

Vintage car and banana plants

Scenic view of Holguin City from Hill of the Cross

Colourful colonial architecture in Holguin city

Charming and quaint Gibara

Seaside village of Gibara in Holguin province

Sunset at the Blau Costa Verde 

This was a great vacation experience in the eastern resort area of Holguin, Cuba with the day trip being one of the vacation highlights.


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