Tropical views and relaxation

Sometimes a simple tropical photo can take you back to a place in time when the day was starting to feel easy, and the warm breeze was beckoning. This was taken on my first day at the Blau Costa Verde in Holguin, Cuba. A week of chill lifestyle, meeting a variety of really nice people offering all kinds of topics of conversations awaited. Also looking back on this picture reminds me of the anticipation of what this all inclusive trip would include. How would the food be, would it be sunny all week, would I take advantage of the time away to really relax and get away from the stresses of winter and everyday challenges at home? It is a feeling of hope, excitement and relief that you are finally there, ready to take on this wonderful experience that is temporary but so meaningful. Turned out to be a great trip, and one I will always appreciate and look back upon fondly.


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