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Cool comfort at the Chandelier Bar at the Cosmopolitan

Being a yearly (and sometimes more!) Las Vegas visitor, I always make it a point to spend time at the comfortable, classy and cool Chandelier Bar at the swanky and friendly Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas . In this unique bar , you are nestled among 2 million beaded crystals of opulence. I have been coming here since 2011, and it has been a cozy and classic way for me to spend some of my limited Las Vegas leisure hours, continuing into my most recent visit nearing the end of 2017. The spectacular Chandelier bar is tri level, the main casino level (this one offers bar top video poker) which is a nice touch, Level 1.5 which has a more private feel with a fresh list of creative cocktails and finally the top floor which opens out into the newly revamped open seating area that I found quirky and fun. There are restaurants surrounding the space and the new seating gives more space for takeaway treats and early morning or late night bites (i.e Secret Pizza and Eggslut ) Each level has it's own