Comfort food picks for a Cooler Season - Las Vegas

On my recent midweek early winter getaway to Las Vegas a few weeks back, I was intent on trying a few new places, as well as new food choices in contrast to prior visits. I felt like grazing and keeping things casual so no reservations were booked. Since I was staying at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, and they have an eclectic variety of well priced choices during their Social Hour, I checked out some great menu items that tantalized my taste buds. Being a Gordon Ramsay fan, I thought it was time to check out something new (for me) from his several excellent options in the city, as well as a warm and wonderful appetizer I needed to renew the experience of.

 Walking over in the mild but slightly windy and brisk Sunday afternoon, I found myself at the Linq Promenade and it was a great time to try Gordon Ramsay Fish and Chips. The line up was short and there were a few seats still available in this cool British themed small open concept space with swift service. I ordered the Fish & Chips (hand cut fresh cod fillets) combo for $14.99. The portion was generous, the fish was fresh and the batter was crispy and flavorful. Two dipping sauces are included as nice touch.

Gordon Ramsay Fish and Chips Combo

As for the restaurant options at the Cosmopolitan, I was impressed with all of my choices. My Social Hour picks were a tasty $4 cochinita taco at China Poblano and the delectable $7 Pork Belly Bun with hoisin sauce at the classy Momofuku Peach Bar.

China Poblano's Cochinita Taco with Yucatan Style BBQ Pork

Momofuku's Pork Belly Bun with Cucumbers and Hoisin Sauce

Seemingly being in the mood for small tastes of delicious items, this followed up the previous nights late afternoon stop to the dim lit, beautifully decorated Beauty and Essex bar that had some delicious choices for something light. The K Town Bao Burgers tenderness were enhanced with the wonderful fresh flavour of the shisito-daikon slaw. I enjoyed the tangy and crunchy kale and apple salad alongside.

K Town Bao Burger (31 day dry aged chuck) - Beauty and Essex

And for something truly comforting I decided to go back for a seat at the bar at Gordon Ramsay Steak at Paris Las Vegas to order the delicious Mac and Cheese appetizer, a velvety and decadent snack to enjoy prior to a show over at nearby Bally's. The bar area at the restaurant is a great place to stop by for a drink if you want for a less expensive but still memorable way to experience a small part of what this quality restaurant has to offer.

Gordon Ramsay Steak (5 cheese) truffle mac and cheese

Above were some of the highlights of the easy and casual meals and appetizers that in this past visit were all a wonderful addition to my ongoing Las Vegas food experience.


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