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Pretty Puerto Plata - A casual and cozy all inclusive getaway

It has already been a month since I returned from a winter break from pretty Puerto Plata . A challenging month at home awaited my return, but I look back now and grateful for the enjoyable and leisurely time I had at the Viva Wyndham V Heavens. Mid January is a great time of year to depart for an all inclusive getaway. The days are still so short, dark melancholy mornings and dark by 5 pm. So it was a super bonus to arrive to a brilliant blue sunny day in Puerto Plata. The drive from the airport was only 25 minutes and it was scenic, lots of local roadside shops and homes, with a very lush landscape. It is a pretty place.   Viva Wyndham V Heavens is located in Playa Dorada, a golf course community amongst several other all inclusives. The hotel has a clean and spacious lobby and you are greeted by the entertainment teams theme song and punch in a champagne flute. I felt welcome! My Bliss room was decent in size (and much cheaper for the solo traveler), needed some TLC but good v