Pretty Puerto Plata - A casual and cozy all inclusive getaway

It has already been a month since I returned from a winter break from pretty Puerto Plata. A challenging month at home awaited my return, but I look back now and grateful for the enjoyable and leisurely time I had at the Viva Wyndham V Heavens. Mid January is a great time of year to depart for an all inclusive getaway. The days are still so short, dark melancholy mornings and dark by 5 pm. So it was a super bonus to arrive to a brilliant blue sunny day in Puerto Plata. The drive from the airport was only 25 minutes and it was scenic, lots of local roadside shops and homes, with a very lush landscape. It is a pretty place.

 Viva Wyndham V Heavens is located in Playa Dorada, a golf course community amongst several other all inclusives. The hotel has a clean and spacious lobby and you are greeted by the entertainment teams theme song and punch in a champagne flute. I felt welcome! My Bliss room was decent in size (and much cheaper for the solo traveler), needed some TLC but good value for the price point of under $1100 Canadian, and everything being included.

Escaping winter with Sunwing !

 This boutique resort offers numerous amenities such as unlimited a la carte dining in 4 restaurants, a buffet and a great pool side bar that is the go to all day and evening. There is no lobby bar unfortunately. The onsite disco is located just off of the area where the nightly shows (which are definitely hit or miss) are held. There are plenty of activities such as yoga, zumba, beach volleyball and fun participation games led by the enthusiastic entertainment team. Because of the layout of this compact resort, it felt safer and more convenient. While not 5 star luxury, the poolside grounds have a pleasant and clean design.

View of Viva Wyndham pool side

The beach walk is quite nice, several minutes down a path with a view of a natural swamp like habitat with interesting birds and turtles. There is a resort restaurant and bar beachside. The public beach itself is wide and beckons you to experience beautiful long walks.

Playa Dorada - Stunning beach with soft golden sand

 As a solo traveler not sure how the week would go socially, I was prepared to just relax and enjoy without focusing on trying hard to meet people. In a smaller hotel, it is easier to meet people in some ways, but it is a gamble on the type of crowd- best advice is to go with the flow. I luckily ended up  spending time some great people helped make my time there memorable and fun.


Just a few of the many pals I made on my solo trip

I went on just one day trip during my week long vacation, the Puerto Plata City tour that including a visit to downtown Puerto Plata with pretty architecture and an exciting cable car ride to the top of dramatic and mystical Isabel del Torres mountain. Highly recommended.

Pretty town square in Puerto Plata

 This was just a whirlwind overview of the many moments of my mid winter getaway to affordable and beautiful Puerto Plata. The Viva Wyndham V Heavens offers a solid 3.5 star getaway and great value for a tropical destination. I will always fondly remember those beach views, even with the occasional rainshower, and especially with the mysterious and grand Isabel del Torres mountain in the distance.

Moody beach views of the mystical mountain


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