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Hotel stay Highlights of 2018 -from a few of my favorite destinations

It is a continuing journey for me to be on the lookout for hotel deals, to stay at a brand i've wanted to try out, or experience a city in a unique and or more convenient way based on the hotel I choose. In 2018 I was able to find wonderful and convenient stays in a charming southern city, a lovely and historic Ontario beach town, one of the most dynamic and bustling cities in the UK, and one of the entertainment capitals of the world. New for me was to finally stay at an Andaz property. Staying at the Andaz Savannah offered a comfortable, spacious, cool (with some quirky decor) but not over the top room with a truly comfortable bed and a vibe of relaxation. The onsite bar and restaurant are a great place to unwind, and the location steps away from City Market and the Riverfront offer convenience and ease to wander through sultry Savannah. Tip: Check out the Prohibition Museum a few minutes walk away. For my second ever London trip, a friend and I decided a budget property