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5 Winter Walks in Guelph

As the winter has arrived early this year, it is time to slowly embrace the season and get outdoors for some fresh air, a brief stroll, or some swift exercise amongst the nice scenery we have in Guelph There are several places to enjoy some scenic walks in the area. As long as you dress warm, wear proper boots and the weather isn't too extreme - get out and enjoy the wonderful winter days. Here are 5 sites in the Royal City where you can get in some steps and or simply enjoy the wintry scene. Royal City Park - located very close to downtown this is a large park with nice walking paths to get in a brisk walk. The scenery looking out onto the river can be lovely and awesome in winter. Check out the nearby Boathouse to enjoy the tea room after your walk. Donald Forster Sculpture Park at the Art Gallery of Guelph - by the University of Guelph campus located right by the Art Gallery of Guelph there are several unique sculptures that loo