5 Winter Walks in Guelph

As the winter has arrived early this year, it is time to slowly embrace the season and get outdoors for some fresh air, a brief stroll, or some swift exercise amongst the nice scenery we have in Guelph

There are several places to enjoy some scenic walks in the area. As long as you dress warm, wear proper boots and the weather isn't too extreme - get out and enjoy the wonderful winter days.

Here are 5 sites in the Royal City where you can get in some steps and or simply enjoy the wintry scene.

Royal City Park - located very close to downtown this is a large park with nice walking paths to get in a brisk walk. The scenery looking out onto the river can be lovely and awesome in winter. Check out the nearby Boathouse to enjoy the tea room after your walk. https://www.theboathouseguelph.com/

Donald Forster Sculpture Park at the Art Gallery of Guelph - by the University of Guelph campus located right by the Art Gallery of Guelph there are several unique sculptures that look quite pretty when surrounded by snowfall. I enjoy stopping here a few times a year to get a short stroll in quiet and interesting surroundings. For a more details and a map of the sculpture locations check out the link http://artgalleryofguelph.ca/education_list/sculpture-park/

John Galt Park - Located right beside the River Run Centre, and featuring the stunning façade of the Speed Skating Rink originally from 1882, when for a short time Guelph residents enjoyed concerts and leisure skating. Take a walk along the area, check out the look out point onto the Speed River, and maybe afterwards take a short walk to the Red Brick Café to warm up and enjoy a hot beverage. https://www.redbrickcafe.ca/#home-section

The Basilica of our Lady Immaculate - While you are strolling in downtown Guelph, admire the beautiful sculptures and amazing Gothic Revival architecture of this landmark church overlooking the city of Guelph. Check out more details on the history of this beautiful basilica. https://www.basilicaofourlady.com/about/history
Also be sure to spot the Colonel John McRae (known for writing the WW1 poem "In Flanders Fields") sculpture near the Guelph Civic Museum, also worth a visit.

Starkey Hill Trail - located just outside Guelph with parking on Arkell Road, this scenic area featuring wetlands and a hardwood forest can be an easier walk or more challenging hike depending on how much of the sloped trail you want to take on. Taking on the full trail, you will be rewarded with panoramic views of the city and area. Check out more on the details and history of this lovely (and complimentary) area managed by the Guelph Hiking Trail Club and Grand River Conservation Authority. https://guelphhiking.com/starkey/


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