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Hotel Haven - Moxy San Diego

Cool and clever Moxy San Diego During a five day trip to San Diego this month, I decided to use points for part of the trip for a two night stay in the heart of downtown at Moxy San Diego . This was my first stay at a Moxy hotel, the innovative brand from the Marriott chain that combines style, fun and function at a decent price (in this case free, but a great use of points) I really enjoyed the community atmosphere, the stylish colorful lobby and compact but functional and well-designed rooms. The hotel was welcoming and unique, and has a cool but also laid back vibe. You efficiently check in at the bar area and are offered a welcome cocktail in the form of a poker chip (which can be turned in for a drink at any point during your stay) The bar has plenty of seating that surrounds it, to encourage guests to enjoy time out of their rooms and to strike up conversations with others. I had several over the course of the few times I sat to relax and enjoy some wine, tacos, an