Coffee Break in Seville, Spain - La Campana

Though it's been just six months, it seems like a long time ago when I was last on a plane, and I look forward to the day of exploring more distant coffee shops again soon. I fondly look back upon this past winter's trip to Seville Spain and checking out the landmark Confiteria La Campana. This atmospheric cake shop has been here since 1885. The building's design is striking and inviting. 

Before an afternoon of exploring the sights of Seville, thanks to a recommendation from the hotel concierge, we headed in to stand at the bar to enjoy a coffee and a delicious sweet bun called 'bollo de leche'. There were many tasty artisan treats on display that were enticing, and I wish I had sampled more. The service here is professional and friendly and the location is in the main bustling shopping district of Calle Sierpes. 

Highly recommended stop for design and coffee lovers exploring Seville. 


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